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A Future In Cloud and Cyber at New Craze

Our Future in the cloud and cyber starts with our legacy we leave behind for the future generations of the next decades pulling our collective vision and resources together leaving behind a brighter future. Anything is possible with technology better digital privacy and security in our interconnected digital world in 2020. This is supported by the explosion of digital and tech trends that have been with us for decades that is expected to add 43 billion to the economy in Australia by 2030.

The challenges in artificial intelligence and cyber security with digital transformation opportunities in the adoption of cloud computing and other digital technologies people and business need working with the latest innovation strategy will contribute to this with our homeland Australia that scored 48.35 out of 100 in the global innovation index report in 2020.

That score follows a global rank at 22nd, and this means we have fallen out of the world's top 20 recently. Although this is the case for now, and Australia still has a very strong growing start-up industry ecosystem and community online at Tech Sydney in 2020 that is working to improve this global rank with the focus on building Sydney, Australia into a top 10 startup ecosystem around the world.

One of Australia's biggest investment in the startup ecosystem is funded through a $35 million investment from the NSW Government into the Sydney Startup Hub (First of its kind in Australia) this brings together some of Australia’s leading startups, incubators, accelerators, and innovation programs under one roof representing the diversity of the startup community with other future projects like Tech Central to be built by 2025 Sydney is a good place to live work.

At New Craze, our CEO Chris Stockley has been working hard for the last two years in Sydney at the core of creating a national digital innovation strategy that is driven in the race to create the possibilities for tomorrow at New Craze in our homeland Australia for technology and innovation. Traveling all over Australia in the three top cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and between other places in South East Asia in Singapore and Western Asia in United Arab Emirates Regions two of the top innovation economies by region for innovation in 2020.

Part of this mega strategy has been to deliver value in the cloud and cyber world of innovation for technology working with many organisations backed by research and development and entrepreneurial methodology in Sydney, Australia to learn and grow our future with cloud computing and cyber security for the adoption of this technology, and to invest and seek the benefits of opportunity in technology and to create new product model with innovation in cloud computing for cyber security.

This strategy will help boost the economy and create new jobs for the smartest minds and the latest generations with cloud computing technology and in the cyber security industry for a cloud-first future over the next decade to build a new cloud computing security tools for New Craze Cloud in Australia.

This long-term commitment and opportunity at New Craze that will give Australia a global boost and better the ranking in innovation with the adoption and creation of this technology in cloud computing for cyber security within the New Craze developer’s community in 2021 with opportunity at New Craze Cloud over the next coming decades.

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